When Villate sent me her post on chapter 2, she also sent this question:  I enjoy a particular brand of  heavy metal music. Plantinga and those who stand for a single-minded drive toward sanctification would see this music as “worldly,” not of God and corrupt. Plantinga might say it serves to make me spiritually unhygienic. Nevertheless, I can distinguish between the carnal [...]

In Chapter 2 of Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be, Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. lays out an explanation of the corrupting power of sin in the world and in human life. He posits that it is a type of “uncreation,” rendering everything it touches filthy and unwholesome. As with the concept of shalom described in Chapter 1, I like this idea [...]

I am an ENTJ.  No one who meets me makes any mistake on that.  I display the typical ENTJ behaviors under stress: As I become more worried, I boss other people around.  I start focusing on repetitive and counting types of tasks.  Chances are the executive at your company is an ENTJ and when things aren’t going well he starts telling you what you should [...]

Commitment makes you fragile.

Almost a year ago I took a retreat to consider what I was up against starting this crazy get-an-MBA-and-start-a-business life. I decided that I had four priorities and everything else had to go. On and off French language study from the last two decades?  Dropped. Complicated knitting projects? No. Allowing yourself to leave a commitment is often essential to strengthening [...]

Plantinga’s concept of sin as a vandalism or violation of shalom or “the way things are supposed to be” suggests that Eden was the intended state of creation. Then that silly old Adam and Eve came along and messed everything up for everyone (their “juvenile pride and disbelief triggering disobedience, scapegoating, and flight from God,” p. 30 – I cheated [...]

In about a month, 1Q84 will join Not The Way It’s Supposed to Be on my attentive reading list for the year.  I’m not sure there will be a post for every line on the reading schedule, but that is where I will be if you would like to read along or be ready with a guest post / posting on [...]

Plantinga’s argument in Not the Way I’ts Supposed to Be is that we know that something is off. We know that the world, while not unreal, is closer to a fun-house mirror than reality. As discussed last week, if this instinct is called conscience then the argument drives the definition of sin toward ethics.  A solution to this is to label sin [...]

If you are like most people you took a Myers Briggs quiz at some point, received a couple of pages on your personality type that you thought were more or less accurate and promptly forgot about the whole thing.  You already know who you are, so what is the point of having someone else tell you who you are?  If [...]

Aaron has a particular agitation about circular arguments in theology.  He sat down for our discussion of chapter 1 of Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be repeating an argument he had already made via email.  “Sin is anti-shalom and shalom is the absence of sin?  This is like saying 2 plus 2 is 4, and then you take away [...]

The damning video of Manti Te’o being scripted into his lies by his coach is as heartbreaking as his amorality in the Katie Couric interview is infuriating. “What would you do?” This is an object lesson for online daters, the parents of online daters, and anyone who has ever Google searched anyone or anything. The fear is that someone will find something personal [...]