Hermann Krusi

Hermann Krusi

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  1. Tom Taylor says:

    Hi Mary:

    I hadn’t visited your cool website family genealogy in a few years and thought I’d stop by. Sorry it is down right now!

    You may have heard that my mom, Betty Taylor, died on January 6th this year, a few days after her birthday. Sigh. Both Mom and Dad gone now. Another of the “Greatest Generation.”

    A request, please: do you have the DOB and DOD of my grandmother, Marily Krusi Taylor? The family needs it for estate purposes, and we have conflicting information.

    Mary, thank you for your thoughtful Christmas cards each year. Though we don’t speak often, it’s nice to know that another cousin is out there.

    BTW, after Mom died, I heard from Sally Tyler. it was toughing hearing of the loss of daughter Susie at such a young age.


    Tom Taylor
    West Linn, OR

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