The damning video of Manti Te’o being scripted into his lies by his coach is as heartbreaking as his amorality in the Katie Couric interview is infuriating. “What would you do?” This is an object lesson for online daters, the parents of online daters, and anyone who has ever Google searched anyone or anything. The fear is that someone will find something personal [...]


My friend Villate developed a definition for ”politiporn” and in this guest post describes a phenomenon that is only continuing to grow. politiporn (n.): images or text (often enhanced, manipulated or taken out of context) intended to 1) dehumanize and objectify those with whom one disagrees politically or ideologically; 2) incite feelings of anger, contempt, fear, and hatred against political figures or [...]

Prozac Nation came out at the end of my first year in college. Kurt Cobain killed himself the next year. Today seems completely disconnected from that time, but here is Elizabeth Wurtzel still writing the same thing at 45. Here are the suicides of David Foster Wallace and Aaron Swartz. According to Wurtzel the reader is a cliche and she [...]

Winning a patent case isn’t winning.  Patents protect products that aren’t the best, brands that no one cares about, and insiders that can’t related to the public. Winning is making a product people love. Being so awesome that people steal your name instead of your product.  Knowing what is really going on instead of what you wish were going on. [...]