In Chapter 2 of Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be, Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. lays out an explanation of the corrupting power of sin in the world and in human life. He posits that it is a type of “uncreation,” rendering everything it touches filthy and unwholesome. As with the concept of shalom described in Chapter 1, I like this idea [...]

Plantinga’s concept of sin as a vandalism or violation of shalom or “the way things are supposed to be” suggests that Eden was the intended state of creation. Then that silly old Adam and Eve came along and messed everything up for everyone (their “juvenile pride and disbelief triggering disobedience, scapegoating, and flight from God,” p. 30 – I cheated [...]


My friend Villate developed a definition for ”politiporn” and in this guest post describes a phenomenon that is only continuing to grow. politiporn (n.): images or text (often enhanced, manipulated or taken out of context) intended to 1) dehumanize and objectify those with whom one disagrees politically or ideologically; 2) incite feelings of anger, contempt, fear, and hatred against political figures or [...]