loafingcactus headshotWHO IS LOAFINGCACTUS?

Loafingcactus started as a blogging name in approximately 1996 when blogging was new enough that my uncle was pretty sure it meant I was writing porn.  It remained a way to preserve the privacy of clinical research and social media entrepreneur MaryKDR until closer to the present day, where we understand that the woman in the suit and the woman in the coffee shop are the same, but not necessarily interested in discussing the same things all the time.  Why not the full name here?  Well, if you search that name you will get clinical research and social media, and if you search loafingcactus you will get the many diverse interests of a Cactus. Loafingcactus is an ENTJ.


  • John- the beloved, the life partner, xSTJ solver of all problems and the IT superpower for my businesses
  • Aaron- theology hobbyist with most of a theology degree completed who tries to keep me out of trouble, lapsed Baptist associated with the Episcopal Church, ENTJ
  • Villate- frequent guest-poster from an LDS / Mormon perspective


This is where we kick back in the coffee shop, consider the peculiarities of modern life, and remember that it all does relate to what was barely understood in philosophy class  and in many hours at the theologians knee.  I’m not that interesting, so if this blog is about me we’re in trouble.  Instead it should be a forthright connection of the disparate facts, ideas and occurrences which are actually tied together by the universe that is. I think that is interesting, and I hope you do as well.


I would prefer comments which were polite and clearly flagged opinion from fact.  Posts that get deleted:

  • Spam
  • So far that’s it.  I’ll let you know if anything changes.


Guest posts make me feel like Tom Sawyer talking someone else into painting my fence- yes please!  Email me your pitch or your post.


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