supergirlcryI am an ENTJ.  No one who meets me makes any mistake on that.  I display the typical ENTJ behaviors under stress: As I become more worried, I boss other people around.  I start focusing on repetitive and counting types of tasks.  Chances are the executive at your company is an ENTJ and when things aren’t going well he starts telling you what you should do and cycling over pointless daily reports. (I don’t do this because I abhor churning work.)

I have heard that being forced into a different Myers Briggs role is one of the most stressful experiences there is.  But I had never heard of an ENTJ turning into an S under stress.  Has this happened to you?  Have you read about this happening to ENTJs?

One of the most stressful things in my work life right now is the constant discussion about health care payment. You may have noticed that it is allowing the prejudice against obese people to be encoded into payment schemes, abetted by people like John Mackey spouting off about how he can bribe obese people into losing weight when he actually has no statistics about, well, anything.

The thing I miss most about having a lower weight is that I could talk about obesity prejudice without seeming self-serving.  Now I can’t, and now every week someone is reciting their prejudices about me in front of me disguised by false science.  Caught in this bind, I stay away from the overarching concept because I don’t want to stand there in my business suit being dehumanized by their prejudice. I don’t want to bring it out into the open so the N part of me has nowhere to go.  Instead, I become an S, picking off their facts and burying my rage.

Last week I took a statistics test in my MBA program that broke me down.  The test was short answers on concepts and every answer had to include the use for the concept.  This type of test is perfect for an N, except that I wasn’t totally clear on the concepts so I became an S.  For each answer I wrote an example where the concept would be useful.  I can’t begin to describe how I felt after two hours of this- my brain was in a frozen state that no amount of meditation could undo.  A nap did not help. In fact, after the nap I went to a dinner event and mentioned my interest in Myers Briggs.  Someone at the table enthused about Myers Briggs as well and said, “Let me guess you!  E”.  Of course. “S”.  WHAT?!  But that night it was true; I was an S.

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