Writing About a Book is a Gift

http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/ggb2006014268/The first Christmas at college I gave editions of Krishnamurti to every relative I knew. A story so common and obnoxious it does not even require description. This is what people do when they give books isn’t it? Demand attention toward the book for some purpose. Demand attention toward a book because you liked to read it.

It’s even worse if you didn’t read it. You are giving a copy of this book because you think someone will like it? That book has no relationship with you. Gifting a book you haven’t read is like sending your lover to vacation with the guy in the next town. Which is more disdainful of the relationship? Pay in cash instead.

Even if you want to make some very intimate gift of a book, it’s more impossible today than ever. Do they read on paper, Kindle, Nook? Or usually on the Kindle, but plan to read That Book on paper? I read almost exclusively on the Kindle app on iPad, but the links provided on this blog go to paper books at Amazon. I’ve seen people provide a great list of links to all the websites and formats, but that would be obnoxious wouldn’t it? The reader is my guest and my friend. If I happen to earn a referral that is nice but I won’t demand it.

The link is a gift. Even if you never read the book, you’ve been exposed to something about it just this once. The discussion is directly between you and me. Writing about a book is a gift.



Photo: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/ggb2006014268/

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